Sandown Test 24th Sep 2011

…so with the car loaded up on the trailer I remembered that the WRX Club of Victoria ( and Skylines Australia ( were holding a track day at Sandown Raceway on the 24th of September, only 2 days away. While Sandown is probably not the ideal place for an SR3, with its long straights and very bumpy track surface, it was nice and close and a good opportunity to test out all the new work on the car without need for track support. If something went wrong I’d just pack it up and go home without too much being lost.

The WRX club were kind enough to accept my very late entry, and off we went!

Few pics below:

The car was running fantastically all day, though with 9 minute sessions and traffic it was hard to get everything up to temp and get a clean lap in. Best lap for the day came on the second session as the track was oiled just prior to then third session, and then passenger laps took place after that. Vid of the quickest lap below:

Much more pace to come…

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