New SR1 Cup for the UK in 2013

Sounds like a great way to dip your feet in to racing for a reasonable price. Being so limited on tyres, not having to worry about wets, and having the slow introduction via the exclusive track days to help with car speed, qualifying and race starts sounds like a winner to me. Will be interesting to see what the take up is.

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2 Responses to New SR1 Cup for the UK in 2013

  1. BenM says:

    It will be a great takeup in the UK but it will never happen here in Au as they are now pushing towards the SR8’s.

  2. phunky89 says:

    Agreed. Their reasoning for the SR8’s is sound from what I’ve seen, but this weould be a great feeder category and an ideal way to get yourself into motorsport for ‘reasonable’ money.

    ps Have you seen this yet mate?


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