Running repairs

There were a few jobs required prior to the next Vic Round this weekend at Sandown, not least of all repairing the damage to the front lip sustained at the last meeting. So off it went to Topstage Composites for a few repairs.

The Front splitter as it came off the car:

As you can see, multiple holes were punched in the splitter due to excursions (some assisted) onto the ripple strips, and eventually this lead to air getting into the front end of the car and ripping the spoiler off at its mounts. Luckily it still stayed attached, but it was definitely looking worse for wear. It could have been a pretty nasty scenario had it come off completely, especially as it occurred at the quickest part of the track!

Here’s a video of the moment it splits away:

…and back on the car:

Freddy did a great job of repairing the splitter, and turning it around very quickly for me. Topstage currently handle the aero for many og the cars in the Australian GT series, as well as the Sports Sedans and Time Attack cars. He’s good at what he does that’s for sure, and a great guy to boot.

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