Sandown mistake…

So not all went according to plan at Sandown unfortunately…

On my last session of the day (famous last words) I made a mistake at turn 3 and ended up hitting the tyre wall. Luckily the damage was cosmetic, but my ego as well as my arm was a little worse for wear!

The car after the incident:

A friend of mine runs a Carbon Fibre and Fibreglass Bodywork company, working on the likes of the Kerrick Sports Sedans and GT3 Mosler etc. I got the car into him the next day and work began immediately.

We decided that while we were repairing the cracks that I’d caused we may aswell refresh all the bodwork that required it, and respray the front and rear sections as well as all louvres.

I picked up a new dive plane to replace my damaged one, and also a set of clear headlight covers, air jack stands and some protective padding to stop me banging my head on the forward stay constantly.

Work was completed within a matter of weeks. Now all that’s left is a lick of paint and she’ll be better than the day I bought her. An expensive lesson, but the car is all the better for it.

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