Winton Test 31/05/2011

Greg Murphy Racing and Radical Australia invited Rob Baird, owner of Radical Team Melbourne, and myself out to a test day they were conducting at Winton Raceway here in Victoria being conducted on the 31st of May. They had hired the track for the handover of a V8 Supercar and we were lucky enough to tag along to get some really good sessions in.

Greg Smith's SR3 RS and Bumblebee

DBSR1 aka "Bumblebee"


Jan Jinadasa's GT3 Cup Car

Nice morning at the track.

Transporter being unloaded

RB1 unloading

The track is a beautiful place when you have it almost to yourself.Dale Thomas after taking the RS for a spin... just a lazy 1:23.9 on his first outing...

RB1 damaged headlight after an unfortunate incident with something hard

Initial testing proved promising, and without the added pressure of a track that I’m not familiar with I was really having a blast. The car was handling well enough, but was suffering from low speed understeer and a tendency to lock brakes. At the time we were unsure if the understeer was due to alignment or perhaps a lack of front dive planes. I also thought the lock ups were due to some flat spots sustained at Eastern Creek, but it turns out there was an issue with the springs in the car that was affecting braking and handling. This is being rectified by GMR now so hopefully it will be feeling a lot better next time.
Despite that issue the day was fantastic. Lots of time to shake down the car with a very relaxed atmosphere. The weather was spot on, with a very cold morning but bright, clear skies and a nice sunny afternoon. The track was a bit off in the mid afternoon, but still great fun. The best track day I’ve ever been to by a long shot.

A few vids from the day:

The car is now back with GMR and is getting a few bits of prep work done to ensure everything is up to scratch

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