Successful Day at EC

I made my way up to Sydney for my last Eastern Creek day (for a while at least), and despite looking as if it was going to be another wet day for me, making it 3 for 3, the rain held off and we had nothing but dry sessions.

The track was a bit slippery as it was quite cold, but despite a few locked tyres no dramas were had and the car ran faultlessly. I didn’t have a timing system in the car so unsure of exactly what times I was pulling, but during the last three sessions I really felt as if I ‘gelled’ with the car and could feel the aero working for me. The amount of grip that can be generated with some warm tyres and aero is awesome!

Anyways, here are a few snaps I took on the day.

Workshop at EC

Mellow Yellow

Floating disc upgrade

Car is now on a transporter and heading to Melbourne. The Phillip Island round of the National series is on this weekend, should be a great watch!

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2 Responses to Successful Day at EC

  1. BenM says:

    Was it windy much on track or did the hills block it? If so how much did the wind effect your aero/balance?

    • phunky89 says:

      It was quite windy on some portions on the track, and down the striaght the car was jinking left to right. Through the corners I didn’t notice it too much, but I’m not going at 100% where aero balance would be thrown off dramatically. During the last few sessions I felt the aero working for the first time through a number of turns, especially turn 1, 4 and over corporate hill.

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