Recap on the STi

EJ25 is coming out.

It seems that piston 4 has chucked a hissy fit in the STi, with low comp and terrible leak down results so the bottom end is being replaced. Due to time constraints, and also the poor experience I’ve just had with having an engine built here I looked overseas for a ready built block. After much research Rallispec in the US came very highly recommended, and after having a chat to the owner I was convinced.

This is now being built and will be shipped soon enough:

RSB-SS25 Street Spec Short Block Subaru 2.5L

Custom built to exacting tolerances. Street Spec short blocks are designed for applications under 600bhp. Features semi-closed deck block, Manley 4340 steel H-beam conrods, Cosworth forged pistons, and uprated main and rod bearings. Factory nitrided crankshaft . Designed for the low noise and long life demanded by a daily driven street application. 8.2:1 CR with EJ257 heads and standard head gasket thickness.

I’ll also be looking to have the fuel system modified as I believe the issue was caused by a lean out in cylinder 4. Research tells me that the fuel distribution has an inherent issue and this will be addressed prior to screwing everything back together.

Stay tuned.

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