The New Car

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Well, the 180 has now been sold and was picked up by it’s new owner a few days ago. It will be missed, but as they say, onto bigger and better things!

I have purchased a 2005 Radical SR3 through Radical UK, and am currently awaiting a shipping confirmation date. Basic Specs on the car are as follows:

* Two-seater, powder-coated carbon steel space frame chassis, with integral safety cell complying with FiA Production Sports Car Safety Structure Test.
* Aluminium honeycomb front crash structures complying with FiA Production Sports Car Crash Test. Removable forward-facing steel chassis stays. 54 litre foam-filled aluminium
fuel tank mounted behind the driver within the safety cell.
* Fully adjustable pedal box.
* Driver seat-belt complying with FiA requirements.
* Powertec 1300cc 4-cylinder double overhead cam engine, dry sump with remote oil reservoir.
* Oilcooler and electrical pump to circulate water to prevent heat soak.
* Engine performance:
210bhp, 130ft/Ibs, 10,500rpm. Four butterfly, 41mm fuel injection system with composite ram air box. Lightweight steel flywheel with multi-plate clutch.
* Stainless steel manifold and silencer. Six speed sequential transverse gearbox. Gear drive system incorporating torque-biasing limited-slip differential.
* Interchangeable gear ratios and integral reverse gear system.
* Powertec transmission oil pump & radiator.
* Fully adjustable Nik suspension system front & rear – unequal length top & bottom wishbones, fabricated uprights, forged centre lock hubs and interchangeable anti-roll links.
* Single-adjustable, coil-over dampers.
* Radical four-pot calipers front & rear, 260mmÅ~25mm, 30-vane ventilated discs front & rear.
* Radical centre lock, cast aluminium wheels – 8″Å~15″ dia. front and 101/2″Å~16″ dia. rears.
* Dunlop bespoke slick tyres.
* Six-piece lightweight fibre-glass bodywork with self-coloured gel coat finish.
* High downforce composite front diffuser with removable, high-nose, low-drag front section.
* Central brake coolingduct connected to carbon composite brake cooling shrouds.
* Wheel arch louvres front & rear.
* Rear view mirrors.
* Quick-release front cockpit fairing.
* Composite side pods with air management system and radiator inlet
* Composite side skirts.
Removable composite tail section with integral induction intake & ventilation grilles.
* High downforce bi-plane rear wing with end plates.
* Rear brake & fog lights.
Carbon-composite dash surround.
* Quick-release steering wheel.

My car comes with the following additional options:

• Full SR3 RS spec High Downforce Aerodynamic package
• Front splitter
• Rear diffuser
• Bi-plane wing
• Latest dry sump tank
• Le Mans carbon mirrors
• Single adjustable INTRAX struts
• 1500CC PowerTEC engine upgrade (250hp)
• Air Jacks
• Racing lights system
• 280mm floating discs
• Front roll bars and stay protection.
• Farringdon Data steering wheel

The car has just had it’s engine refreshed, gearbox refreshed, new uprights all ’round, bushes replaced and new discs prior to leaving the UK so it should be as fresh as a daisy.

Images of the car in England:

I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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